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new member needs some help

PostPosted: Wed Apr 08, 2009 12:55 am
by kellycollins3
Hello from new member in Elmhurst, Ill.
I'm kind of going backwards on the aviation ladder. I started out in 172's and 152's and am now buying a Kolb Firestar1. The Kolb has a 503 b box sc di, warp drive two blade prop. supposidly pretty fast witch is good to have that option in addition to low and slow. I almost bought a quicksilver mxl but it need to much work to get it where I wanted it. I've always liked the Kolb Firestar so I'm very happy to be back here. Looking forward to taking some trips this year especially oshkosh. I have a couple question, first comming from the cessna family to the Kolb does anybody have any thoughts on whether I need some transition traning prior to taking control of this aircraft. My instructors have always told me I'm a natural stick and rudder guy and could fly almost anything if asked to. Well that ego stroking is making me tired. So if anybody has any thoughts they care to share I would be very appreciative. And also where can replacment and customization parts be found.
Thanks very much,
Kelly Collins 3