A clearinghouse of copyright free aircraft plans

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Re: A clearinghouse of copyright free aircraft plans

Postby aerodesign » Thu Jun 11, 2009 9:05 pm

Fly_boy_bc wrote:CFAIR is a series of Yahoo groups

A clearinghouse of copyright free aircraft plans NO "pirate" plans will be found here and NO TRADING is allowed. All of the plans are: RELEASED to the public domain by the copyright holder OR the copyright has lapsed OR the copyright holder is NOT defending the copyright. REMEMBER some of these plans are old and outdated. If you want to build an aircraft JOIN EAA and any discussion groups or forums you can find with information relevant to your plan of choice. I have scoured the web for plans that are freely available and collected them here.I am trying to limit the collection to plans for which there are flying examples. Simply join the Yahoo groups and download all the plans you want.
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I can say  absolutely definitelly  Corby Starlet and Chilton plans are pirated.
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