New to the forum, prepared to start building... almost

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New to the forum, prepared to start building... almost

Postby Digicorinc » Sun Aug 02, 2009 10:30 am

Hi everybody,

I believe this is one of the few forums I had not been on in planning for building an airplane and trying to decide what to build.  I live in Tampa, Florida am 45 years new and enjoy projects and learning how to make things.  I own a small business which gives me a great deal (not bragging) of time to dedicate to these past times I enjoy.
I can't wait to get started and am now pretty sure I will order the Wittman Buttercup replica plans offered by Earl Luce.  He doesn't know it yet, though. I look forward to getting to know some of you either through the forum(s), future flying, adventures to shows, or by any chance meeting.  It's a small world, so who knows.  I am not a craftsman or particularily good at building things, but I try really hard and like to think I am smart enough to learn from others more talented than myself.  The challenge and feeling of many small accomplishments along the way usually keep me going the right direction.  I am getting really excited since I just spent a couple of days at Oshkosh admiring everyone elses handywork.  I have to admit looking at the myriad of incredible, high quality fit and finished airplanes was daunting and I felt a bit unworthy of the task (talentwise) ahead.  I can't wait... I will no longer hesitate!

Eric Klee

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