Hi from Auckland / New Zealand

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Hi from Auckland / New Zealand

Postby Jersey » Mon Aug 24, 2009 7:25 pm

Hi Guys!

I'm German, but living in Auckland / New Zealand since about 2.5 years.
In 2003 I build my own aircraft (a WT 01 taildragger) from a kit. Took me about 900 hrs, basically a 3-months fulltime job. Classic aluminium construction, tundra tires, a Jabiru 3300 engine, 2 seats and no frills. I've been doing some bush-flying in Africa and Southeast Asia before I came to New Zealand and wanted to have my own "jeep with wings". This plane is ideally suited to short strips, pastures and landing on beaches. "Low an' Slow" is the way.
When not flying my "Tango Lady" I enjoy aerobatics in a Slingsby T 67.
Hope you like the pictures ....



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