Wisconsin Wanna be Pilot

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Wisconsin Wanna be Pilot

Postby NewFlyer132 » Thu Mar 24, 2011 3:54 pm

Hello All,

I'm 25 year old newbie to aviation. I am on a limited budget and looking to get into Ultralight flying due to the fact that I would not need to get a pilots license, and its more then likely the only aircraft I can come close to affording! I understand the importance of training with ultralights and i doubt my wife would let me go up in the sky without some serious instruction. My biggest questions are which I will post to other forum topics are...

1. Where is the best place to find used Ultralights for sale?

2. Where is the best places to buy parts for Ultralights?

3. I am handy with wood and metal working, do you think I could build my own?

Thanks for all the input.
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Re: Wisconsin Wanna be Pilot

Postby gunzunk » Mon Mar 28, 2011 7:13 pm

Hey newflyer,
I am 53 and started Sport Pilot lessons about 2 years ago. You can get a SP license that will reduce your training cost. The older standard cat. LSA planes can be purchased for 12k into the 20's for fairly good rebuilds. you may want to take a look. Actually started private but had to revert to SP for fear of the 3rd class medical and/or possibility of not passing it. I now have about 105 hours and have not even taken the written ...go figure. CFI says I am his permanent student.
I been ready for the checkride over 70 (solo)hours, but whats the hurry. Do a lot of reading....usually very good advice and guidance offered by the forums. I want to build a Highlander and will be touring the factory in about 2 weeks....lucky me I live 45 miles away.
Good luck,
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