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Choices Choices Choices

Postby renagade226 » Sat Dec 29, 2012 8:53 pm

Hi All,

My name is Mike Michaud, I live in Maine, and have been flying now for over thirty years. The last 20 years of my flying have been behind the controls of an M-4-220c Maule. Three years ago the old girl needed a major ($30,000 ouch) so we parted company and so I am now researching various planes to replace her. Most all of my flying is off airport, Skis in the winter, Floats in the summer, wheels for the few months between seasons. I am considering three LSA kits. The Kitfox, the highlander Super STOL, and the Rans S7. All have their pluses and their minuses. All seem to be well made and well supported. I like the idea of tandem seating especially for float operation. I need a plane however that has a useable cargo limit of 150 pounds. The Kitfox is advertised as the fastest. The highlander Super STOL looks just plan awesome for super tight places. I operated my Maule in areas of Maine where 4 feet of fresh powder was not uncommon. The brute strength of the big Franklin with Aeroglass skis made operating out of tight spots with these conditions possible. Whatever kit I go with needs to be able to do the same. Looking for some thoughts. Choices, Choices, Choices,

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