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EAA Cold Cucumber

PostPosted: Tue Dec 31, 2013 2:03 am
by Nosedive
I am not at this time an EAA member, I once was, about forty or fifty years ago, so what I am going to say must be said here, and not in a EAA forum. I have attented a number of EAA chapters, here and there, from Alaska to California, and here in my own home town. And you talk about getting the cold shoulder, I have never been treated so cold in my hold life, at all of these chapter meetings, the people in there treat you like they wish you weren't there. They don't talk to you, they don't look at you, they don't say "hi there", they don't shake your hand and welcome you. What gives at these chapters anyway. No, I did not join any of these EAA chapters. What are they, "good old boy clubs"? Do you own an airplane? Do you fly? Are you building an airplane. Well, no, well then get lost! But I want to do these things! But you don't belong to the "club". That is the feeling I get when I attent one of these EAA chapter meetings. Has anyone else had this kind of experience when attending one of these meetings, say for the first time?

I've thought about starting an organization for people who do not own an airplane, don't fly, but want to design and build their own plane, where people are friendly and want to help each other. I think I would call this organization the AHN: AIRCRAFT HAVE NOTS!

Re: EAA Cold Cucumber

PostPosted: Wed Jan 01, 2014 9:21 pm
by planecrazzzy
I've seen the type of EAA clubs your talking about...

Bottom line "F 'em"

I find the smaller groups more friendly and helping...

Kind of like Fly-ins

The Big ones could really care less about Experimental...

Go to a small fly-in , and they could care less about a Spam Can...
There ARE other groups other than EAA....

Look into it...
Gotta Fly...
Mike & "Jaz" the Flying Dogz
PS People HELPING ??? Either your not gonna get much of their help....

Or you may not WANT much of their help...

It's almost a Solo sport.... I don't do it to meet chicks

Re: EAA Cold Cucumber

PostPosted: Thu Jan 02, 2014 9:28 pm
by gkremers
Really sorry the chapters you have visited treated you that way. I've been a member at 3 different chapters, one in New York and two in Michigan. One in Michigan was not so friendly, the other one I've been part of for the last 16 years is great. The first thing we do at every meeting is ask if there are any visitors. We ask them to introduce themselves and talk a little bit about what they enjoy about aviation. I would say at least 33% of our chapter members do not own a plane or have a license, et…. In fact this year 2 of our board members fall in that category. All I'm trying to say is there are really good ones out there that appreciate "everyone". If your ever in western Michigan look up Chapter 211, we'd be very happy to have you.


Re: EAA Cold Cucumber

PostPosted: Mon Jan 20, 2014 12:49 am
by Nosedive
Thanks Gary:

If I am ever over that way I sure will drop by Chapter 211!