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Hello from Oregon

PostPosted: Thu Apr 23, 2015 2:44 pm
by EscapadeLarry0031
OK so I just got registered here. A couple weeks ago I bought an already constructed (2004) Just Escapade serial 0031 (hence my user name) with a mere 7.7 hours on the EMS from Grand Rapids. So I've got to fly off the remainder of my 40 hours in it. I bought it cause it's a light sport (oh yeah, I also got to buy the nice hanger it was in :D ) and I'm at that point in my flying life (72 yrs) where getting a medical was just too much trouble and too expensive But I'm pretty healthy. I also cycle. Anyway I saw where there appears to be a pretty good section here on Just aircraft. I have a lot of testing to do with this bird including compiling a POH which I've never done before. It seems a little out of rig (heavy left wing and also requires a good foot on the right rudder even when flying at cruise). And the altimeter is haywire and it doesn't have a radio. Other than that it's a nice bird! And those are all minor problems, well except maybe the rigging, I don't know about that yet. I also own a Cessna 150C straight tail but can't fly it right now without a medical (hoping for the Pilots Bill of Rights 2 to become law!). I live in the Willamette Valley of Oregon and am retired from law enforcement/corrections. Have a commercial license but took a 38 year absence from flying and just started again in 2012 so only have 400+ hours. That's it. Glad to be here with other owners/builders of homebuilts!