Hello from Grays Harbor WA

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Hello from Grays Harbor WA

Postby Ole Steve » Sun Aug 09, 2015 8:13 pm

New to this forum but have an interest in experimental aircraft. Haven't done flying but have always had an interest. I thought about and looked into a couple Ercoupes a few year back but I'd have to loose a few LBs or get a lighter friend to fly with me.
In the mean time, being a sucker for just about anything that needs my skills, time and $$ to fix-er-up!, (I'm a skilled DIYer of most all craft/trades.)
Anyway, I found (or it found me) this is really a strange creation and I can't figure out what it is and if it ever flew.
At first I thought it might be from an amusement park ride, but I can see that it is a two seater, side byside, low wing, pusher prop with high elevator surfaces. The wings are missing but I'm hoping to find them eventually (small community). I don't see the landing gear but suspect it might have been intended for water landings/takeoffs.

I'll upload some picture and let you guys see if you recognize this aircraft.




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