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Hello from Mohawk Aero in Savannah

PostPosted: Tue Nov 15, 2016 10:55 am
by GT_Mills
Howdy, guys and gals. I'm Greg, originally from the Detroit/Ann Arbor area. I have been flying out of Hodges Airpark GA39 just outside of the Hunter AAF veil in Savannah, GA. Flying constantly with the Chinooks on my 6 requires regular clearing turns, those guys are FAST and usually under the hood. Having a Blackhawk pilot in my rear seat with a Blackhawk helo doing pirouettes around us at 150 MSL is a blast. Flying next to a B-17 coming out of Hilton Head was the biggest thrill of all. Taking off every day, and seeing the white marsh rivers and the Atlantic Ocean as soon as I clear 300 ft is exhilarating. This is why I love flying around Savannah. I am still in Savannah, but also live in Columbia, SC.

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