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PostPosted: Fri Jan 26, 2018 7:55 am
by ls6pj
Just ordered an XL which will get an O-320, so looking forward to some fun building and flying once we're satified with the build. We've practically decided on oratex and won't be taking the spoilers, with taildragger time and 8000 hrs in gliders i should be ok with the adverse yaw and jean-denis has lots of tail dragger time as well.
I built a glasair 3 with a 300 hp rotary engine which has been flying since 2013. And jean-denis built a dr112. We're on the provence side of the french alps, so lots of beautiful flying days and interesting places to fly in to.
Thanks to all contributors on this site for all the tips, it helps planning for an order.
Even so, we'll be posting questions as we go along. Looking forward to starting the build.

Paul janssens and jean-denis martinez
Vinon sur verdon, france