Howdy y'all from Texas

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Howdy y'all from Texas

Postby Nail89 » Tue Oct 06, 2020 12:29 am

I've just become the owner of a Kolb FireStar and would like to know if I'm the only guy that 1) put's it on its nose a couple of times each time I fly and 2) damage the gear each time I fly. I'm not exactly new to the flying game...but it has been a long time since I flew a Teratorn and a HummingBird; aircraft that preceded the Kolb and were actually much lighter. I've read the literature suggesting that pilots used to 'real' airplanes (which, actually these Kolbs are) tend to flare during landings and should start with 'crow hops'. I've tried to not flare that but continue to have 'dropped-in' hard landings even from min altitude.

Consequence; I've flown twice since purchase and bent gear legs twice. While I'm fully aware that weight is the 800-lb gorilla (no pun intended) these ultralight machines are grappling with, the FireStar (which cannot qualify for Part 103) is not so limited in that category as the why doesn't the gear have some SUSPENSION at all? This machine came with a gear consisting of 2' solid bars of 7075T6 aluminum alloy; that leaves the entire 'suspension' to the sidewall of the tires.

I've tried to discuss this with the factory but thus far they've not returned my calls. As I understand it they have a 'new' (as of 2017) gear for the FireStar but I haven't seen it and know nothing about it. I'm curious if it offers any flexation as energy absorption...and...will it accommodate BlackMax brake/axle assemblies?

As for the taxi issue; I've seen the 'chin bow' mod...which has apparently been since removed. I really don't have access to metal construction equipment and serious mods such as that are difficult; though I AM pursuing a spring-steel gear system with a lot of trial and error testing already done. If successful I'll post it here with pictures.

Not sure how it would be possible to get 'dual' for a few rides. But I'm damn sure open to instructive suggestions. NJR/ERV
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Re: Howdy y'all from Texas

Postby planecrazzzy » Tue Oct 13, 2020 7:29 am

I had a hoop for the first year.... put it on the nose a few times.
Learned what not to do , and took it off...14 yrs now.

The gear... I bent one side 15 yrs ago... took it off and straightened it in a press.

Fiberglass rods would work with proper mods...

Fly it to the ground... You'll get it...

If I approach at 45 mph.... My tail doesn't have much authority on flare.

Most of the time at bigger strips...I stay at 60 until short final.

These planes out perform anything in it's class....

Homer made it to the Smithsonian Museum because it's a great design.

Don't give up...

I plan on modifing my gear soon...

John Hauk made his gear from Chromoly...made them longer too.

I think that would help with nosing over.

I might sleeve my gear like my other plane...
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