Mike in the Colorado Rockies

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Mike in the Colorado Rockies

Postby uflymike » Thu Sep 08, 2005 11:10 pm

Hi folks - currently fly for Southwest Airlines out of Oakland, CA.  Commute from Denver, CO every week?!  Have an old "V-tailed doctor killer" but had an Acrosport II for a number of years.  Helping a friend finish a Lancair 360.  Flew an SNJ in a warbird group for a couple of years.   Current member of EAA.  Camped under the wing at OSH this year.  Retired from the USAF after 25 years - helos, F-15s and AWACS.  As Milton Berl once said, "...by the time you're my age, you've done about everything in your BVDs..."   Looks like a great website with lots of good reading.  Thanks for the invite!  Mike
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