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Hello from New Brunswick Canada

PostPosted: Sat Sep 11, 2004 9:37 pm
by tc88
Hi to everyone , i am a tech at the local harley dealer , where i have worked since 1973 , just turned 53 today :shock: geeze im gettin old.
i have helped a friend build a kr-2 with dohc saturn power , also a kr-2 with subaru EA 81 power , i just received my drawings and manuals from
zenith , i will b scratch building a CH701 , as i work with the tc88 everyday i am planning on using it as power :D (looking forward to chatting with brett) as Hog Air , is where i first realized , that it was possable . With any luck by the time i am ready to retire i will have it finished , planning on 5 years to build hehe prob never retire :? lol. The local flying club that i belong too is open year around with a beautiful grass strip , lots of jodel tail draggers , a pietenpol , 701 with subaru ,kr-2,and the usual smattering of cessnas . Enough of my rambeling on for now hope to chat with everyone soon .......................................Bill Stuart.