Virus SW sure has my interest

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Virus SW sure has my interest

Postby deckofficer » Sun Jan 03, 2016 12:55 am

Shane promised to keep this thread alive with his exploits in his new Virus SW. I have to assume he is just having too much fun flying it.

The CAFE challenge has proved this out with Pipistrel Virus SW winning two consecutive years, but I'm duly impressed by how efficient this plane is. Shane started a Pipistrel forum where one of the owners flies buddy planes with his friend that has a CH-701. Since the CH-701 can only manage about 85 kt cruise, the SW pilot has to throttle back to stay the wingman. His fuel flow at that slow a speed is 1.4 gph. Since the SW can rip along at 143 kt on just a 80 hp Rotax, its efficiency is top of the heap. If memory serves I think Shane as seen 156 kt, but he has the FI 100 hp Rotax in his bird.

I want one.
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