Introduction to this Building Log

Introduction to this Building Log

Postby planecrazzzy » Thu May 09, 2013 4:09 am

This is a Plans Built Aircraft...
Buy a Blueprint and Find your material anywhere you can.

My building log has a number at the beginning of each "stage"....
I thought it would help to know what Order things were built....
Although , Sometimes I need to jump back to a stage....
The reason...Basically it's about getting the stage close , getting the Bulk of the parts looking like a plane.
...and do the finishing details later during final assembly .

Most Pictures have "Dates"
It helps to find things your looking for when they are sectioned like this.
It's a balance of pictures and babble...
and the beat goes on.
Gotta Fly...
Mike & "Jaz" the Flying Dogz

PS A Story about Steve Wittman and the Buttercup are Here :
My Buttercup article in EAA Experimenter :
This is a Buttercup/STOL Building Forum , Plenty of A&P , Engineers, and Builders to answer your questions...
BC controls check and Shake down (11).JPG
BC controls check and Shake down (23).JPG
Sometimes you just have to take the leap
and build your wings on the way down...
                Gotta Fly...
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