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Steve Wittman Tailwind and Buttercup build log

PostPosted: Tue May 14, 2013 4:33 pm
by flying2nc
Got into flying around 2005 and Decided to build a plane a couple years ago, dear old dad who has been tinkering with planes as long as I can remember suggested a Steve Wittman Tailwind Aircraft, We purchased a set of plans off of barnstormers with a few completed parts from someone who had lost interest in the project,, in the meantime I had started doing a lot of online research for the Steve Wittman Tailwind aircraft when I came across his Buttercup and really became interested in it because of the STOL characteristics. Ended up purchasing a set of unused Buttercup plans from a nice older gentleman in Oklahoma who thought it was a little more metal fabrication than his metal working experience. He had purchased his plans new from Earl Luce at (585) 637-5768 his website is or you can email Earl at [email protected]. Mr Luce has drawn up a good set of plans off of Steve Wittmans original Buttercup aircraft in the museum at Oshkosh. I hope to document our Buttercup build project here for our purposes and to hopefully help others who are also building so we can learn together and not make so many mistakes in the learning curve.
I have really enjoyed watching Planecrazzzy here with his Buttercup building project, and he has given me A wealth of good ideas as well as All the great people on the Tailwind forum,, all of which will help in a more informative Buttercup & Tailwind build project. Will try to upload images asap.