Make "Flush" rivets - Invented

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Make "Flush" rivets - Invented

Postby planecrazzzy » Thu Mar 13, 2014 10:25 pm

I priced Flush Rivets ( Pop )

Holy Cow... 14 cents EACH ( Or more )

I thought I'd try an experiment...

I drilled part of a hole in a piece of steel....

and I drilled a hole "Through" a piece of round stock...

I slipped a Stainless Steel pop rivet into the Hole (s)

in the plate steel... one hole was 1/8" for the size of the rivet to settle into place

The bigger counter sunk hole was to reshape the rivet...

anywho... after the rivet was in place... I slipped the round stock

onto it.... gave it a tap.... walla... instant flush rivet...
Later, I made the lower piece from the round stock...

and gave it two flat spots , to hold it in a Vise...

Now... I have Flush rivets for about 2 cents each...
Gotta Fly...

Flat Rivet Maker 001.jpg
Flat Rivet Maker 003.jpg
Flat Rivet Maker 004.jpg
Sometimes you just have to take the leap
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                Gotta Fly...
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