Dimpler - Homemade

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Dimpler - Homemade

Postby planecrazzzy » Thu Mar 13, 2014 10:51 pm

Hey Guys,
Once again... you can buy these...

It was quicker for me to just make the size I needed...

It works good enough for me... Gets the screw head "Flush"...

That was all I was asking of it...
The Pictures are self explanatory...

Basically, I laid out the same parts used to make it...

and took a picture.
That outta be worth ten thousand words right there...
Gotta Fly...
Dimpler 001.jpg
Dimpler 003.jpg
Dimpler 005.jpg
Sometimes you just have to take the leap
and build your wings on the way down...
                Gotta Fly...
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