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Postby a320drvr » Sun Apr 24, 2005 11:39 pm

You left a message on the PocketFMS site for feedback on the WinCE PocketFMS. I have used this about 2 months now and find it to be very accurate and easy to use product. The program comes with basic maps that are the equivalent to my airmap gps. These are all free. I did donate $60US for the enhanced maps and they are very nice and have a great amount of detail. I usually plan a flight on the PocketFMS PC and transfer to the X50v. PocketFMS currently doesn't have WX overlay, but maybe that will come in the future. I don't really need that detail as I either fly over the wx in the A320 or low and slow in my Stinson 108-2. I have used it in both airplanes and the speed is not a problem (slow or fast). I would definitely recommend Pocket FMS as a great alternative to Anywhere map and the price is out of this world.
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