Vintage Avionics Test Equipment

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Vintage Avionics Test Equipment

Postby cutfingers » Tue Jan 19, 2016 12:03 am

I had the recent opportunity to receive some interesting items from an large estate of an engineer who had a whole lot of early vintage avionics test equipment and supplies. In antique radio talk we call these big beasts, "boat anchors". They are large, heavy and use vacuum tube technology. An example of some of the big items are:

TACAN Beacon Simulator HLI 103C. (Stands about 4' tall in a cabinet with three drawers of components).
Collins 479S6 Power Supply Tester
Pacific Electronics Ent. MC-1 Test Set 3-34DI5TS
OS-29/UPM-4A Oscilloscope
AN/ARM-135 TACAN Test Set
Plus, boxes, and boxes of King and other service manuals and much more.
(also, there is still a 1948 Beechcraft Bonanza the estate is needing to sell. It's in a hanger in West Jordan, Utah).

Is there a group or forum of collectors and users who trade in this ancient equipment? I hate to just have to salvage the electron tubes, meters and knobs, and scrap the metal. Especially if there is an individual that loves to collect and rebuild this classic gear. I have many boxes of servos, antennas, avionic panel mount indicators and instruments dials, and radios and manuals I have no problem just listing on ebay. They are easy to photograph, package and ship. Like I say, it was quite an estate.
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Re: Vintage Avionics Test Equipment

Postby MabelLieth » Tue Mar 08, 2016 11:42 am

What are the specifications for the Power Supply Tester?
On which circuit based it is?
Also what are the applications of the simulator?
What specifications the Oscilliscope contains?
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