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1/3 Scale Just Aircraft Super STOL

PostPosted: Fri Sep 23, 2016 5:10 am
by RC Model Aircraft

I'm looking at building a 1/3 scale Just Aircraft Super STOL RC model aircraft, with a wingspan of around 120" inches / 10 feet, not sure but is the airfoil section NACA 7411 or is it something different, I would like to make this 1/3 scale aircraft as close as possible to the full size version, I use Profili 2.30c Pro for airfoil design and have approx 2000 airfoils in this database, the NACA 7411 is not one of them, is there any 3 view drawings avaliable and also any plans, I will be using DesignCAD for the design process.

This will be a long term project, why build this aircraft as a model, very much like the design and the Super STOL flying characteristics.

Look forward to any replies and if anyone is able to help.

Thank you.