"Quick" Punch - Modified

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"Quick" Punch - Modified

Postby planecrazzzy » Thu Mar 13, 2014 10:42 pm

I have one of those "Quick" punches... You know , one handed , spring loaded...

Set the pressure light or heavy.... push on it , and POW !
Works great....

But it has a soft point that goes dull if you use it on anything other than Aluminum.

I have a handful of concrete nails I've kept over the years...

These aren't the kind that you "Shoot" into the ground... those are hard...But not as hard as these.

these are the style you can POUND into the concrete with a HAMMER...

The smaller size I have worked PERFECTLY to replace the one in my Quick Punch...
I had to weld a little "Ball" on the nail... and some rough grinding to shape...

I left it longer than the original punch... no need to shorten it...

Now, I can use this punch on ANYTHING... The point holds up great...
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Punch Modification 002.jpg
Punch Modification 001.jpg
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