Fuel tank upgrade

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Re: Fuel tank upgrade

Postby SheepdogRD » Sun Jul 14, 2019 6:25 pm

Doc_dyer wrote:why the aluminum cover? why would one need to gain access more than fiberglass tanks ?

I don't think we need to access metal tanks any more than fiberglass tanks, but they're bolted in, and it's good engineering practice to provide a way to inspect them to see that the bolts are tight. I guess the bolts could be safetied, and the tanks covered with fabric, at least on the Highlander; fitting inspection plates might be tricky.

Doc_dyer wrote:how does the leading edge of metal cover attach ?

On the Highlander, there is an aluminum bracket that runs along the front spar. The metal cover is fastened with machine screws to nutplates in the bracket.

Doc_dyer wrote:is there a low point drain to remove water ?

There are no lowpoint drains on the wing tanks. One reason is that these would be located on the bottom at the rear inboard corner; they'd be very close to the doors when the doors are open. They'd also be likely to drip gasoline on occasion, and gasoline would damage the Lexan doors. Although the rear feed line of the tank isn't at the low point, it's close, and the header acts as a sump that collects water and miscellaneous crud. There is a lowpoint drain on the header.
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