E-LSA Exemption Request Approved

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E-LSA Exemption Request Approved

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Eaa's announcement:

EAA's E-LSA Exemption Request Approved
More time granted for aircraft already registered but awaiting inspection
January 23, 2008 - FAA's senior staff arrived for the annual mid-winter
EAA/FAA summit meeting at the EAA Aviation Center in concert with official
approval of EAA's exemption request for the transition of ultralights and
two-place machines to the Experimental-Light-Sport Aircraft (E-LSA) category
after the January 31 deadline.

The exemption allows aircraft owners who have submitted their aircraft
registration (n-number) application to the FAA Aircraft Registration Branch
and had it entered into the FAA system on or before January 31, 2008, to
complete the process, including issuance of an airworthiness certificate,
beyond the deadline.

"EAA is very pleased that FAA saw the necessity of this exemption to meet
the backlog of applications to the E-LSA category," said Earl Lawrence,
EAA's vice president of government and industry programs. "Our good working
relationship with FAA allowed us to understand exactly what these aircraft
owners needed, what the FAA would allow within a request, and the
time-essential nature of this exemption approval."

The exemption provides additional time for those already registered but
awaiting inspection, and also provides relief for those facing certification
issues beyond their control (i.e., severe weather preventing DAR travel,
shortage of critical flight safety components from manufacturers, etc.) to
complete the certification process beyond the deadline.

More information on the exemption is available from EAA Aviation Services at

The FAA senior staff is in Oshkosh for its annual session with EAA
representatives, a unique gathering that allows for productive discussion of
important aviation issues on many fronts, including homebuilt and vintage
aircraft, sport pilot, warbirds, aerobatic flights, and more. This unmatched
environment is allows an active exchange of concerns and ideas with top
aviation policymakers, and direct progress toward workable solutions.

More updates from the EAA/FAA summit session will be coming on the EAA
website, e-Hotline and EAA publications.
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