Hallo from Norway

Welcome to the FORUM. The purpose of this forum is to "formally" introduce yourself to other members. Please tell us about your flying, hobbies, interests, etc. etc.
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Hallo from Norway

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Hi Guys
Nice to be here!
I live in the southern part of Norway and fly a Savannah VG from 2005.
It is quite a good STOL, I have a 200m landins strip at my house, but most of the time I'm ok with 25m for take off and 75 for landings.

I just took on a new project, building a Zenair 601XLB, my friend built the wings but gave up after few years, so now is my turn :)
I have a Yamaha YG4 2005 engine that will power the plane, so any tips form Steve Henry will be a blessing for me :)

Look me up on Facebook if you like, profile is "arne ivar"

Here is a landing at my house:

Regards Arne
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